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    indigoScott is a family-run property development agency, whose mission is to build homes with a focus on beautiful aesthetics and unique architecture. They design carefully crafted properties using local materials and craftmanship. Each development pays careful attention to the history of the neighbourhoods they're situated in.


    New build developments can be bland. Moreover, the big developers have big resources to market them. indigoScott needed to find a way to stand out in an otherwise uninspiring category and show people exactly why their homes are different. We positioned Ironworks Yard as the alternative: a bespoke development inspired by design, refined by history.


    Brand + Marketing Strategy. Identity + Brand Design. Print Design. Photography. Copywriting. Content Creation. Web Design. Digital Design.

    The Challenge

    1. Attracting a niche audience of buyers.
    2. Needed to achieve price points much higher than market average.
    3. Marketing homes without the features usually associated with new developments.
    4. Already jaded audience. ‘Luxury’ and ‘bespoke’ have lost their meaning.

    Barefaced Solution

    1. Bog standard property developments are usually promoted using bog standard marketing. To truly show what an unusual proposition Ironworks Yard is, we made the brand design as unique as the development itself.
    2. A combination of rich colours, aspirational copy and a differentiated identity underlined the development’s one-of-a-kind approach to design and architecture. Positioning the development as a rare opportunity for buyers, worthy of its heightened price points.
    3. To combat the lack of facilities at Ironworks Yard, such as a concierge or onsite gym, we took a three-pronged approach. 1) Heavily advocate the development’s uniqueness. 2) Accentuate the highly desirable benefits of the local area. 3) Appeal to the target demographic’s primary influencers (their parents!).
    4. We discovered that the target audience were seeking a point of difference, but with the comfort of familiarity. So we struck a balance. We created an identity that plays to the specific interests of the demographic (individuality, community) but further includes recognisable signifiers that evoke trust (history, quality).


    Increase in site traffic during campaign.


    Units sold before official launch.


    Uplift in achieved price points.


    Increase in viewings.

    “Our recent first project with Barefaced Studios was a great success. Claire was especially good at listening to our brief. she  interpreted our requirements in a fresh, accessible, and characterful way, which was very important to us. Organisation and communication was excellent. I would definitely recommend!”
    – Sharon Scott, Director

    Senior Designer at Barefaced Studios sketching out the Ironworks Yard logo on an iPad.
    Ironworks Yard Logo in white on burnt orange brand colour Brand guidelines for the Ironworks Yard development including logo, colour palette, slogan and imagery. Brochure layout spread for the Ironworks Yard development. Brochure layout spread for the Ironworks Yard development featuring the front cover and part of the site map. A GIF of the Ironworks Brand Guidelines flicking through the pages.
    Photograph of the bedroom at the Ironworks Yard development featuring drop pendant lights over a bed. photograph of the living space and open plan kitchen area at the Ironworks Yard development. Micro website design for the Ironworks Yard development.

    Inspired by history, refined by design

    The art direction for Ironworks Yard is based upon the history of the site itself and the materials used within it. Ironmongery has a long tradition in Britain and the site is situated on a former ironworks. In homage to the site’s heritage mixed metals, from steel and iron to copper, were used across the interiors and exteriors of the development. It made sense then to utilise this sense of history within the brand design. From the traditionally inspired hand drawn logo, to the coppery metal inspired colour palette and the warmer photographic edit.

    A site brochure was designed using eloquently confident copywriting and compelling headlines. Additionally, we created bespoke floorplans to further heighten the sense of quality and individuality. A set of digital marketing assets, including a micro website, social media content and Instagram adverts utilising motion design were also delivered. Each asset was elegantly designed using subtle movement and plenty of white space to ensure balance and an excellent user experience.

    Ironworks Yard launched with a bang, with exceptionally high levels of registered interested in the development from day one. All of the units sold prior to the completion of construction. A rocky COVID filled few months meant that there were some wobbles, but we were able to help indigoScott overcome them with smart marketing and a rock solid brand.

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