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    Creating a Brand: M-Wek

    Meet M-Wek, one of our favourite clients. Ok, we do say that to all of our clients (and we mean it) but M-Wek really are special. Their mission is to show the world the sheer power of properly considered recruitment. Operating primarily in the finance and FinTech sectors, M-Wek treat everyone with respect and never…

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    The D&D mobile version of the website on three iPhones.

    5 website mistakes that will cost you money

    You know who your audience are. You have a great brand and have pretty much perfected your product/service. So naturally you’ve taken the next step and have successfully launched your marketing campaign. As a result the traffic to your website is growing by the day. Well done you! This is going swimmingly. Hang on. What…

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    Photo of Rob, senior illustrator, running a workshop.

    How to avoid damaging your brand during a crisis

    As a business it can be tricky working out how to respond when the world is facing a global crisis. I’m trying to avoid the ‘u’ word, as it sends shivers down even the most hardened of spines. However, the COVID-19 outbreak and the measures imposed as a result of the outbreak are, well, unprecedented….

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    A close up of Rob, Senior Illustrator at Barefaced Studios, drawing at the workshop for Small Green Shoots.

    How to market to your customers during a lockdown

    Welcome to the new normal. Unreasonable amounts of homemade banana bread and liver troubling Zoom happy hours are now a thing. As are work video calls wearing pyjama bottoms with a smart top (fooled you all, didn’t I!). But baked goods aside, small businesses, such as ours, have struggled since the start of the Coronavirus…

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