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M-Wek's mission is to show each one of their clients and candidates the sheer power of properly considered recruitment and its ability to make a hugely positive impact on their lives, workplaces and businesses. Operating primarily in the finance and tech sectors, M-Wek treat everyone with respect and never act like a recruitment robot. They are also driving change within their industry by actively working to address the gender and diversity imbalance within Finance and Tech.


Brand + Marketing Strategy, Identity + Brand Design, Web Design, Copywriting, Illustration + Animation.


  1. The brand identity was outdated and confused, with no consistency or consideration of aesthetics, messaging and application. Brand consistency is crucial to build trust and loyalty.
  2. M-Wek want to attract more FinTech clients/candidates without alienating their Financial clients, yet their visual and digital presence didn’t align with the expectations of this target demographic. M-Wek weren’t speaking their language.
  3. The old website doesn’t tell the M-Wek story, accurately portray the brand’s personality or act as a convincer.


  1. We built a cohesive brand system for M-Wek consisting of the core elements of logo, type and colour, all wrapped up in a set of brand guidelines. These core elements help to solidify M-Wek’s brand recognition and promote them as a dependable and trustworthy service provider.
  2. We created a brand identity that possesses the established aesthetic of a large company, whilst drawing inspiration from recent tech giant rebrands – allowing M-Wek to appeal simultaneously to their very specific cross-section of clients and candidates. The result is esteemed, approachable but modern.
  3. Before starting work on the identity, we oversaw an intensive immersion session to ensure the whole team was aligned with their core values and beliefs – working from inside out to create something authentic. Working closely with the founder and his team we developed a tone-of-voice, set of key messages and USPs, allowing M-Wek to more confidently communicate with their audience across both print and digital.

50% of our placements were female in 2019


We referenced serif fonts from Broadsheet newspapers, such as the Financial Times, to create a feeling of familiarity and trustworthiness in M-Wek’s business savvy audience. We further leaned into this with the colour palette, taking yet more inspiration from the Financial Times and it’s famous pink pages. By updating them to a warmer more modern hue, we created a calming and nurturing colour that fits nicely with M-Wek’s human approach to recruitment. Affable, charming and conversational, this peach is a looker. To underpin the colour palette with a dose of seriousness, we added a deep blue which is known to evoke feelings of reliability, trust and dependability – all the sorts of traits you’d want from your recruitment partner. This type of blue is also the go-to for many banks, financial institutions and social media giants for this very reason. We went one step further by adding a deep teal, a unique blend of blue’s stability and green’s optimism. Finally, a light warm grey acts as the neutral shade, whilst benefiting the palette further with its futuristic, stable and dignified connotations.

The primary logo features a tightly kerned hyphen to appear more ‘solid’. It’s accompanied by a rotationally symmetrical MW monogram and works to establish the brand as a major player, as though you recognise it from a large company or a FTSE 100. It’s counter part, the Circle brand mark draws from financial graphs, pie charts and every PowerPoint in the history of office meetings. The idea here being redraw the logo regularly with each ring acting as a percentage bar for key M-Wek statistics showing off their strengths and providing a public record of M-Wek’s success and growth. Cementing their commitment to the core values we worked with M-Wek and their team to create. Positioning them as relationship focused recruitment agents that looks at the whole person, not just the profile.

Brilliant branding is something that needs to be flexible, the introduction of colour gradients is way to efficiently achieve this. Colour gradients allow us to customise the M-Wek design language in a way that lends itself to growing trends in marketing personalisation. Design and tech savvy audiences will appreciate the gradients, whilst the colour palettes ensures that no one audience is alienated.

These gradients provide a strong backdrop to M-Wek’s new website. Sitting as an animated canvas, they form the foundation that everything else is based upon. The peach acts as a guide, showing users around the website by it’s use in illustration or as prominent calls to action. By encouraging people to explore further into the site they can read more of M-Wek’s story. Delivered in a collection of pages that take more inspiration from broadsheets, these column based layouts are rich with typographical details, animated charts and M-Wek’s core values. The copy, written in partnership with M-Wek after extensive interviews with key staff, provides users with all the information they need. Acting as the final cherry on top to the M-Wek brand, the brand tone of voice works to inform potential clients and candidates, acting more like a knowledgeable friend instead of faceless office entity. Turning M-Wek’s website into the convincer they deserve for their excellent service.


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