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    Simon Taylor

    Simon Taylor is a newly established independent estate agent. Backed by his many years of experience in the industry he wanted to reinvent British estate agency. In an industry that’s becoming increasingly impersonal, Simon provides a 1:1 partnership to each and everyone of his clients.


    Brand Strategy, Brand Positioning + Planning, Visual + Verbal Identity Design, Copywriting + Messaging, Print + Digital Design, Photography.


    The property market is crowded by established estate agents with names that people already know. Moreover, they mostly do the same thing: hire a bunch of lads in suits to sell your property. You’ll probably end up talking to several different people, with no cohesion or real care for anything other than the commission.

    Simon’s proposing a brand new approach to British estate agency. One that focuses on the personal. Imagine an estate agent that is with you for the entire journey. Not passing you from pillar to post. The same person who’s there with you from the moment they walk through your door until the deal is done. That’s Simon Taylor.

    Our challenge was to help Simon make his vision a reality. To build a brand that stands out in an industry that embraces fast deals and impersonal service. A brand that focuses on the individual. This is no ordinary estate agent.


    Simon’s clients are looked after by one person the whole way through the process. So it made perfect sense to make the man himself, Simon, the focus of the brand. Giving the brand a personal touch and a face you can put a name to. Much like how Simon himself operates.

    A wingman, advisor, guide and friend all rolled into one brilliant estate agent. That’s Simon and we captured this by imparting the branding with a more relaxed feel. This is the man who will sit with you in your local to discuss your sale, not the guy in the shiny suit and Ikea swivel chair. The aesthetic is simple, no-nonsense but inviting with soft edges. The tone of voice is professional but not formal, straightforward but approachable. It’s your mate giving you really good advice. The knowledgeable family man.

    The imagery was shot at Simon’s home with his family. Imperfect, candid photos that show the realities of a family home. It’s an invitation into Simon’s house, that creates a real sense of familiarity. Coupled with frank but friendly messaging the brand positions Simon as a someone you can be on first name terms with. An antidote to your typical sales operation. After all, London doesn’t need another bog standard estate agent.

    Let’s build something great together:

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