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Your business is ever evolving as it reacts to and apprehends market changes. So it’s important that your brand is agile, flexible and considered. Likewise, your brand journey should have momentum that’s driven by insight and bolstered by creative thinking. Ready and raring for anything thrown at it and able to achieve whatever it sets its mind to.

We can inject your brand with rocket fuel and help you achieve your business objectives through the following services:

brand + marketing strategy

Your brand strategy defines what you stand for, the promise you make and the personality you convey. It brings your competitive positioning to life and creates “brand equity” – the amount of money customers are willing to pay for your brand.

But just because you’ve built it, doesn’t mean they’ll come. Which is where your marketing strategy steps in to help you actively find your customers and ensure they know you exist. It’s the what, how and when to say it and the who to say it to, in order to generate more leads and sales.

We can:

  • perform research and planning initiatives into markets and audiences
  • build brand & marketing strategies and brand journeys from scratch
  • devise marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns
  • identify new territories and reassess how you’re doing things
  • define/redefine your positioning
  • create more effective ways for customers to experience your brand
  • provide business, creative and brand management consultancy
Brand identity for Fonthill Mews, Finsbury Park properties. Graphic design by Barefaced Studios, design agency based in Islington, North London.

“82% of investors believe that brand strength and name recognition guide them in their investment decisions.”

- Reuters

print + packaging

Through strategic lateral thinking and a sound knowledge of your target market, we can help you to establish your core messages across a wide range of printed formats.

Great print and packaging design is a reflection of a great brand. It demonstrates the overall quality of a company and is essential in making the right (and often first) impression. Brochures, labels, letterheads… print is an expected part of the customer experience of your brand and their purchase journey, so it’s important to make them emotive, effective and brand appropriate.

We can:

  • create excellent brochures, pamphlets and flyers
  • design business stationery and corporate assets
  • craft designs for labels, boxes, lids and other types of packaging
  • produce annual report and sales/marketing documentation designs
  • deliver magazine and newsletter designs (we can create the content too!)
  • devise impactful print adverts
  • construct bespoke lettering designs
Stationary designs for Fonthill Mews, Finsbury Park properties. Graphic design by Barefaced Studios, design agency based in Islington, North London.

"On average every £100 spent on design increases turnover by £225."

- The Design Council

photography + videography

Immerse your audience in courageous visual imagery. Produced utilising a backbone of strategic thinking and adapted to your specific brand objectives, we create intelligent, beautiful and witty visual work, that fully and immediately immerses your customers in your brand.

Moreover, behavioural trends and market data show the meteoric rise of video and image-based marketing – so it’s more important than ever to include as part of your brand strategy.

We can:

  • devise photography and video identities for brands from the ground-up
  • create photo and video campaigns including scriptwork and creative direction
  • shoot and edit photographic and videographic work for B2C and B2C projects
  • produce promotional videos for social media and websites
  • capture product, lifestyle, food, property, interior, fashion and portrait photography
  • film event, testimonial, interview, fashion, and instructional videos

"67% of consumers say that the quality of a product image is highly important when selecting and purchasing a product."

- MDG Advertising Research

content creation

Creating content that actually works is an art. It’s about moving people to their core and making them feel so much of a certain emotion (whether it’s excitement, anger, relief, joy or something else), that they’re inspired to act. It has to be relevant, culturally aware and personal. Moreover, you know you’ve hit gold when you produce content that grabs your audience’s attention in such a way that they share it with their network.

We start with strategy, which allows us to identify the best tools for the job before then creating visual and verbal content with aplomb. From an animation created for a Facebook campaign, to a long-form editorial piece for a high end magazine – we build content that’s data driven, audience focused and authentically crafted.

We can:

  • devise visual and verbal content for different social media channels
  • create long and short form editorial copy and visuals for magazines and blogs
  • produce static and animated infographics
  • conceive content ideas, strategies and campaigns
  • write, design and shoot sponsored content and advertorials
  • design visuals and craft copy for email campaigns
  • build compelling slide decks, videos and animations for presentations

"78% believe that companies with custom content are more trustworthy than those churning out generic content."

- Crowdspring

identity + brand design

Your brand identity makes sure you look the part. Those tangible elements that ensure you’re instantly recognisable to your customers and sets you apart from your competitors.

Great branding can drastically improve the performance of your business. It forges the connection between you and your market, builds loyalty and determines how you’ll be perceived – ensuring people remember you long after their initial contact or purchase.

We can:

  • design brand logos
  • devise brand typefaces and other details
  • develop brand colour palettes using colour psychology research
  • build photographic, videographic and illustrative brand styles
  • write your brand history, vision and key values
  • produce brand style sheets and guidelines
  • compile environmental brand designs for your office, shop or space
Brand Identity for North London Estate Agents, Davies & Davies. Colours, and type faces, as well as mocked up image of lettering: 7th Best Estate Agent in the UK. Graphic design by Barefaced Studios, design agency based in Islington, North London

"Consistently presented brands are 4 x more likely to experience brand visibility. "

- Lucidpress


Our team’s experience in event design, signwriting and branded environments means that we’re adept at building unique, real-life encounters of your business for your customers and employees.

Environmental brand design builds an intimate and instant connection between you and your audience, whether it be in shops, offices, hotels or public spaces. It can be a powerful tool in engaging directly with your target market and driving brand awareness. Done well, it can be pretty unforgettable too – how’s that for a win?

We can:

  • design carefully considered branded environments
  • create designs for event spaces and launches
  • craft and construct murals, chalkboard designs, menus and other signage
  • devise unique corporate office brand designs
  • produce designs for trade shows and conventions
  • develop designs for banners, flags, vinyls and POS
Mural design in North London Estate Agents, Davies & Davies branch. Graphic design by Barefaced Studios, design agency based in Islington, North London

"83% of design-led companies have seen market share increases, which is twice as much as the average."

- The Design Council

illustration + animation

Everybody loves a good story. Stories have the power to help you make sense of the world, absorb information, change your behaviour and reassure you that you’re making the right decisions.

We can help you tell compelling stories about your brand through illustration and animation. We champion originality and craft, but never lose sight of the nuances and needs of your brand. Used correctly, we can utilise these disciplines to humanise and provide an emotional connection to your business. Moreover, these mediums offer a flexibility that photos and videos just can’t achieve. The illustrated and animated world is your oyster, and we really like oysters.

We can:

  • devise illustration and animation brand identities from scratch
  • put together motion and storyboards
  • create beautiful, classy, witty or just plain brilliant illustrations for your brand
  • produce simple or complex animations for your website and digital campaigns
  • conceive illustrations to accompany editorial work
  • design bespoke iconography
Property market infographic leaflets created for an estate agents by design agency Barefaced Studios in London

"Illustrated infographics are 30 x more likely to be read than a purely textual article."

- Unbounce


Break the barrier of screens and transcend the remoteness of today’s digital age by interacting directly with your customers in real life.

By taking your online community offline and inviting them to touch, taste and smell your brand, you can solidify relationships and generate truly authentic content. The use of multiple senses naturally evoke emotions that then act as powerful markers of memory in your customer’s minds, that are then associated with your brand. Even better is that experiential marketing and events influence your customer’s purchase behaviour and can turn them into loyal advocates. In fact, one person’s live experience can be quickly shared to hundreds or thousands (cheers social media).

We can:

  • produce product launches, parties and events
  • design and manage pop-ups, activations and guerilla marketing activities
  • project manage dinners and tastings
  • create and run tailored workshops and talks
  • develop conceptual ideas and design event collateral and signage
  • conceive experiences aimed at heightening employee/client engagement
Woman holding a bottle of branded beer at an experiential and marketing event held in London produced by Barefaced Studios - design agency in the UK.

"98% of users feel more inclined to purchase after attending an activation. "

- Event Track

web design + digital

82% of your potential customers will perform online research before deciding whether to contact you. So, you might not win business directly from your digital presence (although many of you will), but you can certainly lose it if your presence is shoddy or non-existent.

We build bespoke, user-focused, growth-driven websites that are fuelled by strategy, research and data. By investing in coherent and compelling digital work that provides a consistent directive to your customers, tailored to their specific behaviours, you can expect to achieve your business goals much more effectively. Cheap template designs and cookie cutter campaigns don’t work for this very reason (the old saying “you get what you pay for” rings true).

We can:

  • design and build websites and microsites
  • construct e-commerce platforms
  • create digital magazines, newspapers and blogs
  • establish brilliant user experience design
  • craft persuasive visuals for digital advertising campaigns
  • devise creative content for your social media channels
  • produce editorial and visual content for your blog or digital magazine
Mock up of Harley Academy website pictured on a laptop. Graphic design by Barefaced Studios, Design Agency in Islington.

"94% of people believe that companies with well-designed websites are more trustworthy."

- Research Gate


We turn words into powerful ideas, simplify the complex and change interest into action. We do this through copy that grabs attention, elicits emotion and tears down preconceptions.

We create brand languages, from the ground-up, that sell products, build authority and breathes life into ideas. We use words as compelling tools of persuasion and our approach is rooted in our team’s own expertise, as well as proven linguistic techniques from copy experts and psychologists. Great copywriting incites action – from selling products to driving website traffic.

We can:

  • create copywriting for B2B and B2C collateral such as brochures and flyers
  • devise or refresh brand tone-of-voice and language guidelines
  • craft copy for advertising and promotional campaigns
  • produce editorial and creative copy for publications and social media
  • build mission statements, slogans and brand philosophies
  • compose directive-led and SEO friendly web copy

"Companies that have blogs generate 67% more leads per month than companies who don’t have blogs."

- Crowdspring

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