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An award-winning team powered by marketing expertise – we deliver design with clout. We do this by taking an honest look at your business needs first, before identifying what drives your brand and transforming the way you communicate with your customers.

We work predominantly with businesses that want to do things differently, to redefine the realms of possibility and create change. We don’t try to squeeze you into a template, or butcher your brand to fit a predetermined idea for a quick buck – we create bespoke projects tailored to your mission and overseen by a dedicated and determined team.

Looking after our client’s best interests, providing value for money and working with kindness is our M.O. As a result, we’ve established meaningful, long-term partnerships with businesses who recognise the commercial value in brand bravery and thoughtful design. We’ll become your allies, your cheerleaders and an extension of your team – helping you to shape the future of your company.



Working with us means that you’ll meet the people who actually do the work and our team understands what breeds great brands: cultural relevance, authenticity and adaptability.

Together we’ve built an agency that we’re proud of and it’s our mission to continue to be a team that really cares about delivering brilliant work, and the best possible agency experience, to each and every one of our clients.

Founder + Creative Director


A multi award-winning creative director, brand consultant and design nerd with 18+ years’ industry experience. An unashamed business development and strategy geek with two degrees, including a Masters from Warwick University. Claire founded Barefaced Studios and has regretted it ever since.

Spearheaded a world’s first social media campaign and the creation of an iTunes chart-topping mobile App. Has turned under performing companies into market-leading and award-winning businesses. Is an advocate for greater equality, diversity and inclusion within the design and creative sectors, as well as across the spectrum of UK business. Is passionate about helping change making brands and business owners achieve great things. Has been published in the likes of Vice, Aesthetica and Music Week. Holder of five awards and nominated for a further three (she was robbed I tell you, robbed!). Her previous client list includes the MOBO Awards, Wilderness Festival, Adidas, Cancer Research UK, Berkeley Homes and Red Bull.

Lives with a deranged rescue cat in North London. Can eat an entire 18″ pizza to herself.

Company Director + Web Designer


Having worked for companies such as Google, Switchboard and Inverse Lighting’s London, Bangkok and Hong Kong offices, Tom found his way to Barefaced Studios. That was in 2015, quickly establishing himself as a key member of the team. In fact we found him so useful, he became a company director in 2018 and now spends his days in the office, entrenched in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SASS, Git and many other things that sound as though they’re straight out of a Klingon dictionary.

A web designer and developer, Tom initially trained in Graphic Design at Central Saint Martins – finding time on the side to teach himself to code. His background has given him a huge advantage by providing him with an understanding of design thinking that developers don’t usually have and a unique ability to talk tech, design and client. When he isn’t throwing burgers at his face you can often find him on a bike.

Thankfully though he’s never too far from an internet connection which is, of course, the true source of his powers.

Senior Designer + Signwriter


London’s leading signwriter, a bespoke lettering artist and a senior graphic and brand designer. Josh has lots of Instagram followers, which he’ll boast about at any given moment. He’s been annoying the rest of us at Barefaced Studios since 2014.

Starting out as the in-house graphic designer and signwriter for The Breakfast Club, Josh has since created identities, bespoke lettering and signage for the likes of Lululemon, Bella Italia, The Bloomsbury Hotel, The Doyle Collection and Devotion Coffee Traders. In 2019 he was invited to speak at the Apple store on Regents Street about his expertise in lettering – we resisted the urge to heckle him, because we’re good people. Josh is overly competitive about ten pin bowling and ping pong.

He’s also solely responsible for the international hummus shortage of 2015.

Senior Photographer


A photographer with a fine art degree, who was born in Thailand and brought up in Manchester. Mike’s education and contrasting cultural experiences have influenced his creative work, which combines a gritty observational approach with beautifully stylistic direction.

Starting out assisting different fashion photographers, Mike then pursued his own pathway in product, editorial, fashion and portrait photography before landing on our doorstep, camera in hand, in 2015. His work has been featured in Romka, TimeOut, Heart Home Magazine, Recens Paper, Spectral, Archant, The Evening Standard and The Independent. He’s also shot for Named Models, PRM, Harrods and New Look. When he’s not pointing a camera at people he’s bargain hunting at car boot sales and drinking Queal, which he’s convinced is the future of food. The rest of us disagree.



Sophie is a copywriter, journalist and content creator, who’s equally as adept at writing witty magazine articles as she is at creating highly effective B2C and B2B prose. Her carefully crafted words could sell religion to the Pope.

A Royal College of Art graduate with a Masters in Visual Communication, Sophie has written editorial, recorded podcasts and created visual content for Monocle Magazine, Reader’s Digest, Acid Jazz Records and The Daily Express. In 2015 Sophie won us all over with her charm, wit and offer to buy us all a round – her fate was sealed and she’s been copywriting for us ever since. She’s also the Editor for our in-house magazine project North Four. In her spare time, Sophie makes the odd short film, records voice overs and pervs on other people’s dogs. A Nick Cave obsessive with an AC/DC tattoo. Will never turn down a cider (especially if you’re paying).



Odera, but you may call him O.D., joined our ranks in 2018 and is a bit of a nerd regarding all things photography. His love of aesthetics and great design has fueled his work as a corporate and lifestyle photographer for the property, restaurant and hospitality industries. He also co-founded an independent culture magazine with a group of other creatives, and acts as the publication’s director of photography.

He attributes his “unparalleled” wit (his words) to his English Language & Communication degree from King’s College London, where he also siphoned off a portion of his student loan to purchase his first camera and thus began his journey into the realm of photography. Born in Lagos, Nigeria and having spent time living in Germany, Scotland and now London, O.D. loves travelling to new locales to document untold stories. A self-proclaimed aficionado of culture – just don’t let him at the chopsticks. Unless you fancy getting covered in rice and soup.

Senior Videographer


Ben is an artist/musician at heart who picked up a camera just so he could be on the side of the stage hanging with the bands. Eventually, people started to notice him filming these events and then they began to ask him to film for them, which was the whole point really.

Ben has an eye-wateringly impressive CV, having worked with the likes of Element, TNBP, Lisa King, BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel 5 and Film4. He’s been with Barefaced since the very beginning way back in 2013. A skilled maestro of atmospheric footage, he can turn even the most boring corporate video into something beautiful. Ben specialises in music, fashion, property, business, testimonial and event videography. When he’s not geeking out with a film camera you can find Ben mooching around London taking photographs. He’s basically surgically attached to some sort of camera. Can’t get enough. We’re pretty sure he’ll marry a camera one day and have tiny camera babies.

Account + Marketing Coordinator


Hannah’s tried her hand at a bit of everything but finally found her calling as a marketing and account coordinator when she joined our team at the beginning of 2019. She has a degree in English from the University of Exeter, a Masters degree in Acting, and a very mild sugar addiction. In true Mr. Benn style (she’s assured us this is a relatable reference), Hannah has worked as a marketing and communications officer for a business interiors firm, dabbled in production management, stage management, been a virtual reality viking, a proof reader and has toured the world treading the boards.

When she’s not getting her cultural fix in at the theatre, Hannah tries her hand at drawing and animating bits and bobs, or drinking fancy beer (chosen entirely based on the label). She’s a strong believer that there’s very little you can’t learn from a YouTube tutorial. She can also do a stellar impression of a dolphin.

Senior Designer + Illustrator


Hailing from Sweden, home of Abba, Ikea and meatballs, Veronika now lives in Peckham but dreams of working from a cabin in the Scandinavian wilderness (Claire and Tom are concerned the Internet connection wouldn’t be very good). Veronika has an impressive CV including a BA in Graphic Design from Central Saint Martins and 15 year’s experience in design working both agency and client side, and we’ve been lucky enough to have V as one of our Senior Designers & Illustrators since 2018. She’s obsessed with typography, has studied everything from photography to comic illustration to improve her technique (what a nerd) and specialises in branding, print and visual communication.

In 2015 she launched ‘Nose to Tail’, an infographic tape measure that visualises the size of different animals. She’s currently working on bringing her products to market as a proper stationery brand. She’s terrified of sharks, played Rizzo in Grease when she wasn’t old enough to appreciate it, can build a fire and has a troubled Cat named Ziggy that stares at her silently when she sleeps.

Senior Illustrator + Animator


Rob still hasn’t written his biography yet, so we’re taking advantage of this opportunity.

Rob has a very shiny beard. He shampoos it using the same stuff equestrian’s use on horses. He has a deceptively good poker face, or perhaps just only has the one facial expression, either way it meant that we all lost to him when we were playing Coup (it’s a card game). He should’ve let Veronika win because it was her birthday.

We let Rob run an illustration workshop for us in 2019. It was with young people (mostly teenagers). The feedback included “that dude has an impressive beard” and “after Rob’s workshop I’ve decided I don’t want to be an illustrator”.

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