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    Naughty flavours for your food, without the hellish repercussions.

    New to the market, You-Mami is a soy based miso powder packed full of flavour. Consisting of just three ingredients, it’s a healthy and natural alternative to salt.

    The team behind You-Mami were bored of bog standard condiments. They wanted to offer a new player to dining tables across the world. One that not only could provide a taste sensation but would also offer a healthier alternative to cooking with an abundance of salt. Using the concept of ‘umami’, or the fifth taste, the team created a three ingredient miso powder that can be used to add a depth of flavour to various types of food. Umami means ‘the essence of deliciousness’ in Japanese and You-Mami delivers this in spades (or should that be spoons?).

    We worked on:

    Brand strategy + identity, web design + development, copywriting, messaging, print + digital design, packaging design, photography, illustration, animation

    You look like you've got good taste

    You-Mami wanted to create a brand that stands out on overcrowded supermarket shelves and differentiates it from other miso based products. They wanted to become as much a part of people’s condiment cupboards as salt and pepper.

    So what motivates people when buying food? A growing number of people want to buy something that’s healthy, whilst hitting a home run in the taste department. You-Mami does exactly that. This isn’t just a product to add to your noodles (although we’re not knocking it!). You-Mami can be added to stews, pies, popcorn – it’s incredibly versatile. So we decided to build a brand that avoids Asian clichés in favour of a bolder approach. Instead, we created an identity that demands attention, avoids preconceptions and easily differentiates itself when placed next to its fellow shelf dwellers.

    Angel on the shelf, devil in the dish

    We built a brand identity focused on making You-Mami’s health and taste credentials obvious. Starting with the nerdy bit, we conducted shelf studies to see where You-Mami would sit alongside competing brands. We then discovered that 72% of UK shoppers are purposefully buying food with less salt, sugar and fat. Moreover, 60% would pay a premium for natural, ethical and/or reduced sugar/salt foods.

    We knew then that we needed a bold approach with very clear messaging. By emphasising the product’s health credentials, coupled with an identity that would practically jump off the shelves, we knew we could make You-Mami an easy pick for consumers.

    A seriously palatable brand

    The You-Mami logo drew inspiration directly from the product. Uncomplicated, with bold impact, it mirrors the simplicity of You-Mami’s ingredients and the punch of flavour it delivers. A brand pattern was developed to convey just how much flavour You-Mami packs. The colours were drawn from food that represent the 5 major taste groups: bitter, sour, salty, sweet and umami. We then stirred these colours together and left them to marinate. The end result was a brand pattern that forms the backbone of the You-Mami visual identity. A vivid, eye catching design that tickles the taste buds.

    The tone of voice is another step away from convention. It’s energetic and fun – helping to attract purchasers from a wider market segment. Cheeky with relatable wit, we created slogans and advertising campaigns that we knew would make people look twice (and then grin ear to ear).

    Our approach to the packaging was as no-nonsense as the product itself. We displayed the three ingredients proudly on the front to emphasise that no nasties were used in the making of this condiment. Add in a dollop of witty copy and a dash of colour, before combining with a pinch of boldness for a perfect packaging recipe. We also snuck in recipe ideas on the packaging. From You-Mami popcorn to Monkfish & Mussel Bourride, to emphasise just how versatile it really is.

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