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Do you remember that time your designer refused to meet you at your office? Or when your creative agency didn’t listen to your ideas (not to mention your experience of your own market) and ended up delivering work that they liked, but that had no real connection to the heart of your brand?

It’s obvious that there’s a real need for great customer service, for transparency and for trusting that your agency has your best interests at heart. We built Barefaced Studios to be an agency that acts ethically and with integrity, whilst addressing each of these issues head-on. We see ourselves as an extended part of your business – what’s good for you, is good for us. So, with you we’ll operate as one unit with a shared goal.

To give you a better idea of how we do things, here’s an outline of our process:

1. email or phone us for a quote:

Get in contact with us by email or phone with an outline of the services you’re interested in. We’ll then have a chat with you to learn a bit more about your objectives, before sending a proposed scope of work and some estimated fees.

2. we get to know each other:

In order for us to create brilliantly effective work, we need to get to know your company, its people and your short and long term objectives. We call this our ‘client immersion’ process and this might involve a meeting with our team, interviews with key members of your team and/or a consultation at your place of work. We’ll also complete market research and collate insights into your industry, competitors and customers. We want to see the world how you see it.

3. we identify what makes you ‘you’:

Once we’ve got to know you we’ll be able to work out what powers your brand. It’s the soul of who you are as a business and it drives everything you do. It sets you apart from your competitors and determines why your customers will choose you.

4. we work on your project:

Depending upon the type of work the creation process will vary from project-to-project. For example, for brand or web design we'll usually begin by creating mood boards and/or initial sketches. During the process you can expect progress reports with opportunities for feedback and changes along the way and chances to pause for a catch-up to make sure we’re all on the same page. For larger projects we’ll schedule meetings at various stages during the process - giving everyone a chance to feedback on the work, ask questions and discuss the next stage of the project.

5. the project is completed:

Once the work has been completed we'll oversee a 'project summary'. This means we'll have a chat with you to find out how we did, how you found working with us and to ensure you understand how to access and use your files and/or website. For some projects we also include post-completion training sessions with your team.

6. we put a ring on it:

The best work is borne out of the best relationships, so we pride ourselves on building lasting partnerships with each of our clients. We offer discounts for repeat work, we have a referral scheme that you can benefit from and we also offer excellent retainer contracts at reduced rates. Retainer clients also profit from a specially reduced rate card - so if you require ad hoc work that falls outside of your monthly retainer, it'll be priced at the lower retainer rates. Win!

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